* Calendar Release*

Order Information:
Price(excl. shipping costs): 16.- EURO, 21.- US Dollar, 11.- English Pounds
For further information and orders contact Henning Janssen: henning@henj.nl

Despite several disappointing months caused by several printing companies my Fantasy Birthday Calendar
(NOT bound to one specific year) is now finally available for purchase: http://www.henj.nl/Calendar/birthday.htm
All illustrations can be viewed in better resolution in the "Watercolours" section.

Should you be interested please send me an email (Henning Janssen, henning@henj.nl ),
clearly stating quantity, name, address and your preferred way of payment (which can be both direct bank transfer or paypal)
As soon as payment is confirmed the shipment will be sent a.s.a.p.
Prices excl. shipment are:
16 EURO, 21 US dollar, 11 British pounds

Please note that due to a short trip to an art event in England I will not be able to respond to orders or inquiries during a period from 17th until 25th of April 2007.